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What makes you different from other recipe websites?

What's the story behind the name?

Does numnums work in Canada?

small business customers

How can I build my own recipe website?

Your recipe form looks different from others that I've seen. What gives?

Can everyone see my recipes?

Who can access my website?

What do the different recipe statuses mean?

Do I need specific print settings when printing individual recipes via print preview?

portfolio profiles

What is

Where do I send people to see my profile?

Can I simply post food photos?

Do I need to fill out each and every field for my profile?

my account

Why do I need an account?

Why do I have to fill out a captcha during registration?

Do I need to create a new numnums account for each microsite?


From where do you get your featured recipes? Did you invent them all?

How do you determine which recipes to feature?

Who shot your food photos?

What do the colored dots in the recipes mean?

How are the diets defined in your featured recipes?

How do you determine a recipe's complexity?

I love how the recipes work with the shopping list. How can I add my own recipes?

Is there an easy way to edit the order of prep steps and ingredients?

How do I process recipes with multiple categories, components, or phases?

How can I quickly jump from one recipe to the next?

What do the different recipe statuses mean?

How can I enter cookware?

Can I order cookbooks from you?

Why do some recipes have photos of people?

shopping list

What do the colored dots in the shopping list mean?

When I add items to my list, why do some have section assignments and some don't?

What if I want to assign the item to a different section?

Can I designate stores for specific items?

What do the asterisks on the list mean?

Is there a way to see the recipes I have added to my shopping list?

what if ...

... I still didn't find the information I was hoping to get out of this FAQ? Whom can I contact with additional questions?