the numnums shopping list

Welcome to the numnums recipe platform! With a free numnums account, you can easily build shopping lists with the recipes on this site. We run everything on the web, so we’re available on your desktop, tablet and mobile device and you don’t have to install a thing! Here's how it works:

  1. -Check out the recipes. Look through until you find something that looks good.
  2. -Create an instant shopping list for all the ingredients you need for the recipe.
  3. -Add whatever else your heart desires.
  4. -Shop with ease using your mobile shopping list.
  5. -Cook following our easy-to-read recipe layout.
  6. -Repeat!

This is your shopping list – so go ahead and add or takeaway items as you need them. If you’re running low on any staples, go ahead and add it. It’s your kitchen after all. We’re just here to help you organize.

In this video, see how the shopping list, along with other features of our platform, work.

Talk to us at or through our feedback form with any questions or feedback. We'd love to hear from you!